Herr Max: a sweet dream

Herr Max: a sweet dream

A pastry shop and tearoom a bit rock 'n' roll in the trendy Schanze district.

The milky-white tiles of this former dairy, built in 1905, are still on the walls, giving one the impression of being inside a wedding cake. A ragtag decor warms the room. Under the counter window, sweet temptations stand guard: apple tart, poppy seed and lemon cake, lemon mango mousse—some recipes are gluten and lactose free—and much more. They disappear in no time but rest assured, the next batch is already on its way.

Meanwhile, sit over coffee. Also ask to see the ‘special orders': pastry chef and confectioner Matthias Max likes to have fun sculpting Nike shoe-shaped cakes or an old Rolleiflex camera, or even a surfer riding a wave. His creativity is delicious!

Herr Max
Schulterblatt 12
20357 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 6921 9951


Menu: from 1.95 EUR