In the footsteps of Victor Hugo

In the footsteps of Victor Hugo

Tucked away on the Place des Vosges is one of Victor Hugo's most important residences, where he wrote several of his works and launched his political career.

Of the 25 places where Victor Hugo lived in Paris, one of the best known is still Rohan-Guémené, the town house located at 6 place des Vosges. It was here that the illustrious French writer lived from 1832 to 1848, writing major works such as the plays Ruy Blas and Les Burgraves, as well as the beginning of his novel Les Misérables. He also hosted such prominent peers here as Honoré de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, and Charles Dickens.

Today, visitors can see Victor Hugo's apartment fully renovated and decorated according to descriptions from the time. A chronological tour takes you through the different stages of the writer's long life (he died in 1885 at the age of 83) and his many literary masterpieces, complete with artworks, furniture and other objects that belonged to him. Begin your visit in the Antechamber, which focuses on his youth, then move on to the Red Lounge, where he hosted the literary, artistic, and political figures of his time. Then, continue your tour through various rooms, each exploring a chapter of the life of this leading light of Romanticism. Finally, you arrive in the recreated bedroom of Victor Hugo's final home at 50 avenue Victor Hugo, featuring the bed where he took his final breath.

Appartement de Victor Hugo
6 place des Vosges
75004 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 72 10 16