Ninkasi, Lyon's musical microbrewery

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Ninkasi, Lyon's musical microbrewery

The various Ninkasi bars, scattered all over the city, are an essential part of Lyon's nightlife. They are inspired by the American tradition and combine local craft beers, burgers and music.

Borrowing its name from the goddess of beer, the Lyon-based micro-brewery Ninkasi created its first beers in 1997, before quickly becoming an institution. Over the past 20 years, some 20 locations have sprung up from Saint-Étienne to Villeurbanne, so that today most towns in the region and areas of the city have their very own "Ninkasi" bar, where locals sit to order one of the homemade beers. Originally located in the Gerland district, the micro-brewery moved to Tarare in 2012, a few kilometres north of Lyon, and it is also open for visits.

Thanks to the space left vacant by the brewing vats, the former Ninkasi HQ is now also the largest establishment in the chain. More than just a bar and restaurant, Ninkasi Gerland is in fact a venue in its own right with two music stages, including the Ninkasi Kao, a 700-seat venue with an eclectic programme. Attend a concert and have a taste - in moderation, of course - of the original creation of the month or the house speciality: black beer. This is a typically Lyonnais malt beverage with caramel and chocolate accents. All of this is enough to perpetuate the region's brewing tradition, which has been famous since the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ninkasi Gerland
267 rue Marcel Mérieux
69007 Lyon

+33 (0)4 72 76 89 00

Menu: beers from 3 EUR