Pilgyeong: taste the cuisine of the ancient royal court

Pilgyeong: taste the cuisine of the ancient royal court

In a corner of Gangnam there remains a relic of the past: a 500-year-old house in a magical setting.

Book a table at Pilgyeong to discover the oldest culinary traditions of Korea.

The former residence of the heirs of Prince Gwangpyeong, son of Sejong the Great, it was transformed in the late 1990s into a restaurant where the descendants of the royal line painstakingly reproduce authentic family recipes. The original architecture, complemented by an Asian garden, is extraordinary. Six menus are on offer, all consisting of 15 dishes, some of which are sure to baffle you. The server's level of English is basic, but the menu notes accurately describe the contents of your plates. To ensure intimacy, book a private room.

At the end of the meal, take your dessert into the park, and follow it with a walk.

739-1, Gwangpyeong-ro

+82 (0)2 4452 115


Menu: around 20,000 KRW