Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel: the city's creative districts

Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel: the city's creative districts

To get a good whiff of the city's artiest air, nothing beats a stroll through these colourful spots.

The neighbouring districts of Schanze and Karolinen are best roamed on foot, from one to the other, in order to see how they differ. The first is known for its alternative side, characterised by the Rote Flora, a cultural centre first squatted in 1989 and recently painted burgundy red. The place symbolises resistance to the inevitable gentrification of the neighbourhood—like the hip cafes and patios just opposite on Schulterblatt street. This is the meeting place for young creative types of every stripe. Further on, the Karolinen district remains the home of independent shops. The Marktstraße opens not far from an amazing and huge bunker. At night, this legacy of World War II vibrates to the sounds of the city's best DJs, especially in the club Uebel & Gefährlich. A new project aims to make it less austere by giving it a ‘green' roof—a grand idea. In its shadow, a nice flea market, the Antik- und Flohmarkt ‘Flohschanze', is held every Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Uebel & Gefährlich
Feldstraße 66
20359 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 3179 3610

Antik- und Flohmarkt ‘Flohschanze'
Neuer Kamp 30
20357 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 2702 766