The Jardin de Balata: a paradise of multi-coloured flowers

The Jardin de Balata: a paradise of multi-coloured flowers

This botanical garden is home to hundreds of species of tropical plants, and a real treat for the eyes.

Ten kilometres north of Fort-de-France, you will find a beautiful botanical garden where more than 3,000 species of tropical plants flourish. It was created in 1986 through the efforts of Jean-Philippe Thoze, a passionate landscape horticulturist. At the time he bought this virtually neglected villa, the garden was uncultivated, and so he decided to restore it.

It has become a great success, with visitors flocking there to visit an unparalleled collection of flowers and trees. Hibiscus, anthurium, and porcelain roses in delicate shades may all be admired here. Less common essences such as heliconias, pandanus, and other more secret species may also be found.

Lastly, climb up to the treetops to take a walk between mahogany giants on suspended bridges more than 15m high. The view over the Bay of Fort-de-France and the Pitons du Carbet is magnificent.

Le Jardin de Balata
Km 10 route de Balata
97234 Fort-de-France

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